Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Studded sneakers

At last here it is my first DIY blog post entry. I‘m a big fan of DIY projects and want to share with you some ideas. Today I will show you my studded sneakers. You all probably have seen the same DIY many times, but I wanted to do my own. You can try studding on shoes, dresses, jackets and etc. I‘m totally in love with my new shoes!

And the final result is:


  1. Woow! That's so cool! I will try to do it! =)
    I like your blog, and I follow you on GFC and Bloglovin'.
    I invite you to visit my blog, and if you want you can also follow me!
    Hope you like it!


  2. Labai gražu!:) Kur pirkai spygliukus? Niekur nerandu tokių..



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