Saturday, 24 November 2012

DIY: skull sweater

There are a lot of  beautiful sweater's DIY projects and I decided to make my own. Specially for this DIY I bought two grey sporty sweaters (for me and hubby). My hubby drew up flowered skull print. Then those skulls were puted on our sweaters (it was done by t-shirt printing experts in their place). That's all! We got two great skull print sweaters!
There are other ways to put print on your sweater: here, here or here. I think this is really great DIY project to make your own design sweater or  to give your old sweater new and fabulous life!
Get inspired!


  1. hei:)
    of cousre i'd like to follow each other:)

  2. Hello!! Your blog is fantastic too!!!
    Of course I'm going to follow you, I hope you follo me too!
    Thanks you!

    Best wishesss!

  3. Where did you buy the skulls??? It's fantastic!

  4. wwoow amazıng!thank u for thıs post!

  5. Kaip mėgstu tokius pilkus džempus.

  6. super idėja, labai gražu :)

  7. This is fabulous. Might have to give it a try, Love the blog and now following.
    Lots of love Aimie xxx



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