Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Blogosphere game: The Blogger Tag

I was recently tagged by four bloggers: Style Syndrome, Wayfaring Stranger, Electra Heart, Muilo Burbulai. Thank you so much girls!
So let's start this game!

The rules are simple:
  1. Each person tagged must post 11 random facts about themselves. 
  2. They must answer the 11 questions posted by the previous blogger.  
  3. They must create 11 more questions to ask their tagged bloggers.  
  4. They must tag 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  5. The bloggers must be told.  
  6. No tag backs.
11 random facts about me:
  1. There're fresh flowers on my table almost every day.
  2. I can't live without cappuccino.
  3. I'm happily married for 3 1/2 years.
  4. I love to cook, especially for my hubby.
  5. I like all four seasons of the year.
  6. Christmas is my favourite holiday.
  7. I have persian cat in camel color. So cute!
  8. I love all type of handicrafts. Especially to make my own jewelry.
  9. I wish I wouldn't smoke.
  10. I like blogging.
  11. Travelling is what I can't live without.

11 questions from Style Syndrome:
  1. What do you do first thing in the morning?   Wash my face and do the coffee.
  2. Do you like holding hands?  Yes!
  3. Gold or silver?  Both.
  4. Heels or flats?  Heels.
  5. What is your guilty pleasure?  Smoking.
  6. Do you think Twitter is a valuable tool to promote your blog?  I don't like twitter, but maybe in the future.
  7. Name a fashion trend that you hate.  I love prints and layers, but hate overdose of it.
  8. What are you scared of? Of addicted people.
  9. Favourite number?  2, 4, 8 and so on.
  10. How do you see the future of your blog?  Don't think about it at the moment, we will see...
  11. Did you enjoy answering these questions?  Yes, but I still have 33 questions.
11 questions from Wayfaring Stranger:
  1. Your favourite band/musician.  I'm listening to 30 Seconds to Mars, Amy Winehouse and Lana del Rey at the moment.
  2. A person that inspires you or is a rolemodel for you.  There are many people who inspire me. But I think Miroslava Duma, Olivia Palermo and Andy are on top on my list of fashion icons.
  3. What country would you like to visit one day?  I'm dreaming about Paris in autumn and Croatia for summer holidays.
  4. Name one person you love the most.  My hubby.
  5. Your favourite blog.  My Daily Style.
  6. How could you describe your style? I like mix of styles: office, casual, elegant, grunge, bohemian...
  7. What are your favourite clothes to wear?  Dresses, shorts, skirts and heels.
  8. How do you cheer yourself up (or what do you do) when you have a bad day?  Take a cup of cappuccino and go somewhere in a beautiful place, to the park or by the lake...
  9. If you could be able to meet a person you love so much, who would it be?  Maybe Evelina Khromchenko, she is really smart and can give a lot of advise for woman.
  10. The most random thing you've ever done.  I'm going to do - a tatoo.
  11. What is the last thing you bought lately?  Warm sweater and hat.
11 questions from Electra Heart:
  1. What's your favorite season? I love all four seasons. 
  2. Do you collect anything?  Jewelry. 
  3. What band or artist changed your life?  Kate Moss changed my view on fashion a lot of years ago. 
  4. Your favorite book?  I don't find it yet. 
  5. What do you think about your country?  It could be better here. 
  6. How many languages do you speak?  Four. 
  7. 3 things that nobody knows about you.  I wish they still wouldn't know those thing about me. 
  8. What was the greatest day in your life?  My wedding day, it was amazing! 
  9. Sweet lies or hard truth?  Hard truth, always. 
  10. Favorite dessert?  Panna cotta and apple pie with cream 
  11. If you could change 1 thing in your life what would it be?  I wouldn't study mathematics for 6 years.
11 questions from  Muilo Burbulai:
  1. If you know it's your last month in this earth, what  would you do?  Spend more time with my hubby and family.
  2. Which is better - dress or pair of jeans?  Absolutely dress.
  3. What you can do better than others?  Oh, I don't know.
  4. Your biggest fashion icon?  I think Miroslava Duma, Olivia Palermo and Andy are on top on my list of fashion icons.
  5. What makes your day better?  My hubby, persian cat and cappuccino.
  6. You get given one magical/super heroesque power. What would you choose and why?  Not sure what magical power I need, but I would do the day longer than 24 hours.
  7. What gets you excited about life?  Life!
  8. How would you describe your future in three words?  Family, own house and fashion.
  9. What makes you smile?  My hubby, persian cat and cappuccino.
  10. Why did you start a blog?  Blog is the place where I can express my self.
  11. Your favorite blog.   My Daily Style.

11 bloggers I tag:
  1. Fashion Frame
  2. NEBŪLA 
  3. I.VO
  4. My Little Commode
  5. Ievos Pievos
  6. Lin Self Portrait
  7. Amoureuse De Mode
  8. Dark Forest
  9. Sausage Jar
  10. Princess Of  California 
  11. Fashion Mantra
11 questions for tagged blogs:
  1. What inspires you?
  2. Your favourite fashion trend for this season?
  3. Your recipe for a bad day?
  4. What is your favorite holiday?
  5. The most unusual item you have in your wardrobe?
  6. What makes you smile?
  7. Your favourite blog.
  8. What is your favourite clothes in woman's and man's wardrobe?
  9. What tools do you use to promote your blog?
  10. The most beautiful place you have ever been.
  11. What talent do you have?


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